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Welcome to BeJoFa Coaching

My name is Bernhard Fasold.
I am a systemic organization developer and offer
systemic coaching for organizations and individuals.

Here you will read
– what others say about me,
– first details about my offer and
– on the benefits of systemic coaching

What others say about me

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How I can help you


Organizations have a lot of problems to solve right now.

Shortage of skilled workers, supply chain nodes, new work demands of members and new technologies.
In addition to customer centring, the member centring is now also rolled up as a shaft.

Here I show how these waves can be used.


Today’s managers are supposed to manage the balancing act between leadership and coaching.

It doesn’t matter if you have just started your career as a leader or if you have already gone a long time, if you want to solve a problem with other people or with yourself.

Here I explain how I can help with processing, clarifying and designing.


People interact in small and large groups through roles.
This often leads to misunderstandings and often lacks the clarification or even definition of appropriate responsibility.

Here I show how my coaching tracks and shapes the dynamics in groups.


My aim is to give new impulses, as well as to prepare old and new knowledge interesting.
It’s about the right mix of facts, connections, examples, solutions and a good portion of humor.

Here I show which topics I offer.

Why systemic coaching ?

Systemic coaching has the invaluable advantage of striving for sustainable change.
The human being is always considered together with his environment and its mutual relations.
The coach himself also becomes part of this environment while working with the client, but helps to support a change that can then survive without the coach.
In contrast to ready-made solutions and universally applicable methods, the coach develops a tailor-made change together with the client, which does not have to be transformed into everyday life by the client in order to be effective.

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