Systemic Coaching for individuals

On this page you can read more about my offer about
– Executive Coaching
– Group Coaching

Executive Coaching

As a leader, it’s all about relationships in this role… to the people in your own team, to other managers, to your own supervisor and of course to yourself.

Too pronounced drivers can disturb these relationships.
Taibi Kahler names the 5 drivers as follows: “Be perfect.” / Be strong.” / Try hard.” / Do others right.” / “Hurry.”

As a systemic coach, I help to detect and weaken or dissolve these drivers.

For your own team, the balancing act between coaching and leadership is also a great challenge.
Both are needed at the right time and to the right degree.

As a systemic coach, I help to master this balancing act painlessly.

Group Coaching

There are also many challenges in the interaction of people in a group or a team with a common responsibility.

In most cases, there is a lack of a common interpretation of the goal, the strategy and who bears which roles and responsibilities.

The consequences are misunderstandings, blame-allocations, the questioning of the meaning, a deterioration of the motivation and thus decreasing performance.

As a systemic coach, I help to detect and correct misunderstandings and missing definitions.

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