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About Bernhard Fasold

For over 25 years I worked as a specialist and manager in medium-sized and global (DAX) companies in the areas of IT, purchasing, production control and marketing.

My diverse and deep knowledge of the processes in organizations helps me to speak your language and understand your challenges.
Thanks to my rich and proven knowledge of systemic organization, member and culture development, I can help you track, define and implement.
In addition, as a systemic coach with a preference for visual language and metaphors, I can help to find perspectives and solutions that are helpful and effective.

My topics as keynote speaker

Team Cultur-Development vs. Organization-Development .

Why culture development is more successful and how the implementation succeeds in addition to everyday business.

Why it is not enough to lead.

How managers can master the balancing act between leadership and coaching.

How to develop a strong resilience and good work/life balance.

And why it works differently than you think.

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